Change of Pace

Well, over 4 months later after the ‘relaunch’ of  TJeditZ and I haven’t made a single post. So much for that. As it turns out, I tend to get caught up when writing long, drawn out posts for TJeditZ. Normally this isn’t an issue, but the problem is that the posts are often so long I don’t quite finish them, and they never get published. That is going to change. I want to get into the habit of writing, so I’ll be posting much more often (and keeping the posts smaller and more manageable).

I may also mix it up a bit when it comes to what I post on here. I want to write about all the awesome internet marketing and SEO stuff I’m learning right now, but I don’t want to limit myself to that. And why should I? This is my homebase, so I’ll be chatting about all kinds of things!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, a bit of news. I have sold today! I sold it on Flippa for a MASSIVE payday of $90. Ok, it wasn’t sold for a lot. Getting top dollar wasn’t the primary goal however. Most importantly, I wanted to garner an understanding of how the process of buying and selling of websites works. Plus, as Rich (over at Daily Listener) and I continue to crank away on our website projects, WTFalarmclock just doesn’t have the earning potential to warrant spending much dedicated time developing it. WTFalarmclock has served me well, and I hope the new owner can take it to new heights!

Well, that’s about it for now. I look forward to posting more often (and actually sticking to it!)

Until then, I’ll continue my quest to take over the world!

Relaunch of TJeditz!

Welcome to the official relaunch of!

First, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is TJ, and I am the owner and developer of several small websites, including TJeditZ. I’m a 23 year old dreamer and thinker who is always looking for the next opportunity to build a better future for myself and those around me. I’d like to take over the world someday as well, but who wouldn’t?

I’ve decided to convert TJeditZ into a blog for a couple of reasons. First, I want a place I can write about the current projects I’m working on. I can be a huge procrastinator, so writing about my projects will hopefully add a bit of accountability. I also hope writing about my projects and ideas will allow them to grow and develop in ways they never have before.

Second, I’ve always wanted to have a blog! Besides writing updates about my current projects, I also want to use TJeditZ as my own personal outlet. The world is a huge and crazy place, and I just think it will be cool to have my own little corner where I can write about any thoughts or ideas that are on my mind.

Finally, I have never been a great writer. It’s a skill I want to develop further, but never seem to find myself in a position to do so. I believe that consistently practicing a skill is the best way to improve it. TJeditZ will give me the platform to get some of this practice in.

Now that we have all of that background stuff covered, let’s get into the meat of this post! I will give a brief description of my current projects, and my 6 month goals for each one. It should be fun to look back on this post and compare the progress!

My fledging project portfolio currently includes 4 websites and an app, all of which are at different levels of progress. I’ll start with TJeditZ. I’ve already covered what I want TJeditZ to turn into, so I’ll give a brief overview of it’s history.

TJeditZ was the first domain I ever registered, which was wayyy back in 2007. Pretty much an eternity in internet time. Since registering TJeditZ, it has been used to host a wide variety of websites. The very first launch of TJeditZ included a simple forum, which a few buddies and I used to chat… and share answers… in my very first web design class in high school. After that, I mostly used it as a sandbox. Every time I worked on a random web project, I would host it on TJeditZ. Nearly everything I have learned in terms of web design and development can be linked back to this site. I have a lot of good memories with TJeditZ, and hopefully this is another chapter in it’s legacy!

This is the first niche website project, and is currently the furthest along. It is a review website which is targeting the keyword ‘fanduel review’. With the help of my good friends and roommates Rob and Rich, DayDuel is well on it’s way to world domination (sorta)! We have the basic design done, but still have a few features in the pipeline.

Currently we are focused on creating content, building backlinks and developing our social media presence. The 6 month goal is become the #1 search result on Google for the keyword ‘fanduel review’. We would also like to expand and offer reviews and information on all of the other daily fantasy websites on the market (and hopefully rank for some relevant keywords as well!)

I developed WTFalarmclock in 2011 for one purpose, which was to improve my Javascript coding abilities. It is basically a free online alarm clock. In terms of overall traffic, WTFalarmclock has been my largest success. Before being crippled by some nasty malware and suffering a ban from Goolge, WTFalarmclock was pulling in 70-90 visits a day from Google traffic, and generating a whooping $1 a day from Adsense. Since the malware attack crippled the site and stopped all search engine traffic, I’ve been trying to rebuild it to its former (read: mediocre) glory.

The 6 month goal for this site is too build up to 150-200 visits a day, and $2-$3 a day in revenue. My first focus to achieve this will be to get on the first page for the keyword ‘free online alarm clock’. WTFalarmclock currently hovers around page 2 or high on page 3, with very little content and even less on page SEO. 600-800 words of rich SEO content and a bit on backlink work should do the trick. WTFalarmclock is also on the 2nd to 3rd page for several other keywords. If I can shoot up the ranks for those keywords as well, I am confident I can achieve my 6 month goal.

This is another niche site I have plans for, although it is currently much less developed than the current primary focus, DayDuel. I wrote a quick article a week ago targeting the keyword ‘best hookah coals‘, and did some very, very limited link building (maybe 1 or 2 no-follow blog comment links, and a submission into Google Webmaster for indexing). The work payed off, as is now on page 8 for the keyword ‘best hookah coals’. Hey, progress is the main ingredient when trying to take over the world right!

This is obviously a very modest beginning, but an important one. While DayDuel is currently getting the developmental focus, my research indicates that has the potential to be an authority site.

An authority site is different from a niche site in a couple of ways. The biggest difference is that a niche site is relatively small, consisting of 1-6 pages and generates traffic by using hyper, laser focused targeting of a small number of qualified keywords (keywords with 1000-5000 searches per month and poorly optimized Google search results). This is what DayDuel is. It is build with intention of ranking for the keyword ‘fanduel review’. Ranking for other long tail keywords would be awesome, but failing to rank #1 for ‘fanduel review’ will severely hinder the websites ability to generate income.

An authority site is different in that it is, well, an authoritative source. An authority site will have dozens, if not hundreds of pages, with thousands of words of content. It is a go to resource for that particular subject. A good example of this is, built and ran by an awesome guy named Pat Flynn over from It ranks #1 for ‘security guard training’, and also ranks #1 or close for a slew of other keywords. And for good reason. Just look at the site. It’s truly an awesome website that anyone interested in security guard training would be sincerely interested in.

The initial research indicates that there is a massive opening for an ultimate, authoritative source in the hookah market. This is further validated by my own experience. Since hookah is a hobby of mine, I have spent hours researching tons and tons of topics on the subject. And let me tell you, there is no one-stop-shop for people interested in learning useful and relevant information on hookah. That isn’t to say the information isn’t out there, because it is. But a lot of it is buried in forums, or spread across a bunch of different, low quality websites. Couple this with the fact that hookah is on an upward trend in terms of popularity and social acceptance, and you have a juicy market just waiting to be dominated.

So, after all that hype, what are my 6 month goals for First, I want to be on the first page for the keywords ‘best hookah coals’ and ‘best hookah flavors’. These are target keywords that could be used to generate affiliate sales early on. In terms of traffic, I want to have 100-200 visits a day. In the next year I am confident that, if developed correctly, a site like this has the potential to pull in 6,000 to 10,000+ visits a month. Traffic like this could easily be leveraged into a $500+ monthly revenue source if, once again, it is developed correctly. Again, just trying to take over the world, one project at a time!

iPhone/Android App – Code Name: Turk

Now this is what you call an interesting project. My roommate Rich and I developed the idea for Turk about 1-2 weeks ago. There has been zero development work done it, but I have started some extensive market research. And oh boy. Let’s just say this is the only project I won’t fully reveal until the launch date is eminent. That is for a couple of reasons.

First, the market is wide open for an app like this. There is very, very little competition (the only thing similar is a SINGLE android app, which has less than 1,000 downloads) which could easily be squashed with a better solution. Second, the app shouldn’t be very hard to develop. I haven’t developed an app before, but I do have experience in other forms of software development. Based on this, I expect to encounter a learning curve, but the overall idea of Turk should be easily developed. Third, the market is huge, and very targetable. Marketing will be absolutely key. Turk stands to get a six figure download number if marketed well.

That said, the six month goals are a bit tough to determine for Turk due to my inexperience in the app market. So these goals may be a bit more vague than the others. My goal is to have Turk on the market in 6 months, and have the downloads in the 4 figure territory. I feel it’s a low barrier to achieve, but goals have to be realistic right?

Whew! That was quite a post. If you are still reading, please allow me to thank your for your time and patience. I want to update this blog at least once a week, but could easily see myself posting more often than that. If you have enjoyed this post or are interested in following my progress as I try to take over the world, feel free to subscribe to the updates!

Until next time. Keep working to achieve those goals, as that’s all any of us can really do to make a positive impact on our lives and those around us.

TJ signing out.